Making values live in your organisationEvery organisation has values that they reflect through their work and actions. They are not only important to the brand image of the organisation, but having a vision is also critical to their organisational success.

The brand values of an organisation should reflect and promote the importance of client care and creating a happy, motivated and productive workplace.

Steps to review your organisation’s current values

  • What values currently exist in the workplace? Identify them
  • Look at the organisation’s goals, are they the right values to achieve them? If not, note down new ones
  • Does the organisation need to promote change in the actions and behaviours of employees to demonstrate the correct brand values? If yes, develop a plan to educate employees and implement these changes

If an organisation’s current values do not reflect and promote the importance of client care and creating a positive work space, it will need to complete all of the points above to see constructive change throughout the organisation.

If an organisation doesn’t have any set values whatsoever, it is important that it establishes them ASAP.

When it comes to identifying organisation values, the executive team should gather together to establish clear communication and a clear vision.

Steps the executive team will take toward establishing clear communication and vision

  • Educate and learn about the importance and power of having shared values
  • Confirm that the leaders are committed to creating a value based workplace
  • Identify and define the role of the executive team in implementing and leading the value process
  • Create and provide informational material that can be supplied to employees by executives that documents the organisational changes in implementing the established organisational values

It may also be helpful to have an assorted range of staff from various areas of the organisation included in the development of organisational development. This enables employees to feel valued and responsible for implementing the new values, which is a powerful tool for success.

Values should be educated and introduced to staff through a series of value alignment sessions. These sessions will be most efficient and successful when led by a trained facilitator.