Case Study – Executive team building


The executive team of a large public hospital was looking for a time efficient approach to team building. They had recently undertaken a 360-degree feedback program with Full Circle Feedback which was very well received. The team had battled a few high profile controversies that received a lot of adverse media attention. This pressure resulted in team members working very long, arduous hours so it was recognised that it would be beneficial to bring the team together to re energise and focus on the path ahead.


The project presented a range of challenges including:

  • Time poor, stressed executives who found it difficult to leave the workplace
  • The team had undertaken much training over the years so a fresh approach was required


After discussions with the CEO and the Director of HR it was decided to use the 360 degree aggregate report (results for the team as a whole) as the basis for a one day workshop. The reason for this was that the data was relevant and real. It provided a springboard to have a stimulating discussion about the team’s current strengths and challenges. The challenge of managing workloads and energy had already been highlighted as a key challenge prior to the workshop so this was covered using a range of creative approaches including team members answering a quiz to assess their current energy levels. Team members found the results of the quiz quite confronting! The workshop also provided some very practical tips on how to manage personal energy and priorities.


As a result of the workshop the team recognised the importance of regularly spending time together that was not focussed on tasks, deadlines and outcomes. They actioned this commitment by meeting every three months for half a day to monitor how they were functioning as a team.