Case Study – Complex government organisation


A large, complex public sector organisation of 14,000 employees in the human services field. The senior executive group of 80 participated in a 360 process with Full Circle two years earlier. The executive group project was evaluated very positively and it was decided to invest in 360 degree feedback for a further 400 managers across the organisation. The survey and process needed to be designed to assist managers to further develop their people management skills and most importantly to ensure action by the participants.


The project presented a range of challenges including:

  • The logistics in implementing a large 360 project with minimal administration burden on the client
  • Focusing on the development of people management skills
  • Ensuring that participants actually made concrete changes as a  result of the 360 process


A steering group was established and 360 degree feedback policies were agreed. The survey was designed and validated along with project parameters. Customised communications were developed. In order to really focus on developing people management skills and ensuring action the process was designed with two feedback/coaching sessions. The project was then piloted and a staged implementation plan was developed.

Human Resource Liaison officers were identified across the organisation and briefed. A customised Information Kit was designed and prodiced for all HR Liaison people. This briefing kit contained copies of all materials used in the 360 process plus a project plan detailing all the steps involved in the project.

The Full Circle Feedback proprietary web based 360 degree feedback process software process and scheduling systems were used to elimiate client administrative burden. The 360 degree feedback software enabled instant registration and survey completion with targeted reminders to ensure participants registered and surveys were completed. The appointment scheduler allowed participants to book their two feedback sessions on line. Participants simply logged into the scheduler via the web and easily booked the sessions with the same consultant for both sessions.

It was important that actions were identified and incorporated by the participants into their Learning and Development Plans. After the first feedback debrief session participants were emailed an Insights and Action document which asked them to continue thinking about what they had learnt and to start detailing some concrete actions. In the second session these actions were confirmed and participants were positioned to have a follow up meeting with their manager.


The project was evaluated by the client using the Full Circle Feedback survey process. The results have been extremely positive. A most pleasing aspect of the evaluation was the fact that participants have reported taking action and making positive changes in the workplace as a direct result of their participation in the 360 project.