Case Study – Global project in education sector


A large and fast growing public sector organisation which is very committed to the ongoing development of it’s managers and people. The Executive Team undertook a 360-degree feedback program with Full Circle Feedback. The Executive program involved a customised survey and individual debriefing of the reports by a Full Circle consultant. The program was evaluated so successfully that it was decided to make a 360-degree feedback program available for all managers.


The project presented a range of challenges including:

  • Budget restrictions did not allow for individual debriefing of participants
  • 50 managers were located across the world – some in extremely remote locations
  • Key issues about people management had surfaced in the recently conducted staff survey


The survey was reviewed and changes made to incorporate the findings from the staff survey. The new survey was then road tested with a small group of participants.

A workshop was designed to confidentially debrief participants in small groups. This approach represented a major cost saving. Participants received their reports during the three hour workshop and were assisted to work through the results, gather insights and develop action plans. Participants were also offered an individual debriefing (user pays arrangement) if they wished to further explore their results.

Participants across the globe were briefed in regional groups about the project via teleconference. At the end of the project they were emailed their 360-degree feedback report and individually debriefed by phone the next day by a Full Circle Consultant.


The group of 250 managers participated in an evaluation of the project and the results were very positive. The organisation has used the aggregate data to inform new leadership development initiatives.