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Q. What are the benefits of 360 degree feedback?

A. There are multiple benefits for conducting a 360 degree feedback project. These include the ability of the individual to gain a realistic view of their strengths and opportunities and then map a specific path for leveraging these strengths and developing the opportunities. It also helps teams improve their communication and trust in one another and allows organisations to develop better career planning and training for their employees.

Q. What about confidentiality? Who sees the report?

A. All Full Circle Feedback data and reports are kept strictly confidential, and are typically only revealed to the participant and the Full Circle Feedback Consultant. At times we are requested to provide a copy to the participants manager to enable the Manager to conduct the debrief (this is only based on a request by the organisation).

Q. Can questions be customised to fit existing competency frameworks?

A. Yes, full customisation of surveys is possible (requiring an additional level of investment).

Q. Do you provide benchmark information?

A.Yes, benchmarking is possible if using one of our standard surveys (requiring an additional level of investment).

Q. Can we manage our own 360 degree feedback project?

A. Our Client Services Team provides this service for you, administering and monitoring the project whilst keeping you informed on the progress.

Q. What support is provided to read and debrief the report?

A. Each report contains an overview on how to interpret the data provided within the report. Debriefs can be conducted by one of our expert Consultants, or we can provide training for internal personnel to run the debriefs themselves.

Q. Who are the people that participate in a 360 degree process?

A. Participants refer to those receiving feedback and Raters refer to the people giving the feedback.

Q. Is it necessary to customise the survey or Full Circle Feedback surveys?

A. The benefit of using one of our 3 pre-existing surveys is that they are built on a proven methodology of 360 degree feedback. Customisation, however, can also be beneficial for companies who are seeking a particular framework/theme to measure their employees on.

Q. How often should 360 degree feedback be performed?

A. For best results it is recommended that 360 feedback surveys are conducted annually to provide individuals with comparative data that allows them to monitor progress and increases motivation for behavioural change.

Q. How do I know if my organisation is ready for 360 degree feedback?

A. For the 360 feedback survey to be effective, employees need to feel comfortable with the process, and believe they will be rated honestly and fairly. The culture of the organisation should be one that values learning and development, is open to communication and is willing to make alterations to behaviours.

Q. What is the typical price of implementing a 360 degree feedback survey project?

A. The price of one of our standard surveys is AU$297.00 (incl. GST) or US$350.00 per participant. Customisation of surveys attracts additional fees.

Q. Can 360 degree feedback be used for job performance appraisal?

A. Typically 360 degree feedback is used to measure leadership and management skills and strengths, however we do also offer our Performance 360 survey which can give individuals feedback on their overall performance.