Case Study – Ex staff survey


A business operating in the Asia Pacific was undergoing a rapid expansion of the business but was also experiencing a high turnover of experienced staff. The business was keen to survey ex staff on their reasons for leaving and gauge their interest in returning to the company.


The survey was designed to identify reasons for leaving the business, positive and negative experience during the period of employment, and reasons/incentives that would encourage them to return to the business. The survey was also designed to take into account a range of cultural backgrounds.

As ex staff no longer work for the business a comprehensive incentive strategy was developed to boost completion rates. Multiply options for completing the survey were developed using electronic and manual methods. For ex staff with a known email address the survey were emailed, for ex staff where there was only a postal address, surveys were mailed. The postal surveys provided two options, staff could login to the survey via the Internet and complete the survey or a manual survey could be completed and posted back.


The incentive program combined with the varied options for completing the survey significantly improved the completion rates. The quick turn around of the survey allowed key managers to quickly access recent data on why staff were leaving and implement strategies to aimed at reversing the trend.