Case Study – Small global organisation


A boutique company in the insurance industry decided to conduct it’s inaugural staff survey. The new CEO wanted to gain a quick understanding of the key cultural issues. The time frame was tight as action plans needed to be integrated into the budget of the next financial year. There were also concerns about how the staff survey would be viewed as there had been an unusually high number of people leaving the company in the previous quarter.


The project presented a range of challenges including:

  • Managing the project deliverables in a very tight time frame
  • Global spread of participants
  • Positioning the survey as a positive intervention by the company


The Full Circle Bureau staff used their extensive experience in project management to devise an implementation plan to meet the client deadlines. A communication strategy was also drafted to ensure that staff were clear about why the survey was being conducted and how the data would be used. The organisation made a clear commitment to staff to action any key issues identified. By using the Full Circle proprietary software participants from all over the world were able to access and complete the survey on a 24/7 basis.


The survey had a very good response rate of 93%. The data was analysed and a clear need for action was identified around the improvement of corporate systems. The organisation moved quickly to gain some quick wins and to commit also to a longer term plan.