Case Study – Performance management skills


A large and fast growing electricity distributor was keen to bed down HR systems.The company was growing rapidly by acquisition so there was a need for consistent systems to be put in place as a matter of priority. Full Circle Feedback was contracted to design and implement the 360-degree feedback system. As part of the project planning phase it was identified that managers were lacking skills in providing performance feedback. A staff survey conducted the previous year had identified conflict avoidance and managing under performance as critical areas for improvement. A new performance management system had also been introduced the previous year. Although the new system implementation had been supported with information sessions there had been poor take up of the system.


The project presented a range of challenges including:

  • Large numbers of technically focussed staff who were not interested in HR systems and skills
  • Conflict avoidant culture
  • Low commitment to existing performance management system


A training program for 400 managers was designed and implemented by Full Circle Feedback. The purpose of the one day workshop was to revisit the key information and skills required to implement the performance management system as well as supporting managers to interpret and debrief the new 360-degree feedback component. Whilst a lot of content was covered in the one day workshop another key aim was to enthuse managers and to build their confidence about giving feedback, particularly if it were of a negative nature. To this end a highly interactive workshop was designed to engage participants.


Both the training programs and the introduction of the 360-degree feedback system were evaluated very highly by all participants. HR personnel believed that was a growing commitment to the performance management system rather than just compliance.