Case Study – Global financial services company


The Human Resources unit of a high profile financial services company with global reach was looking for a 360 degree feedback provider. The purpose of the 360 process was to provide development opportunities for several hundreds managers across 5 regions. The survey was to be based upon the organisation’s leadership competency framework and their corporate values.


The project presented a range of challenges including:

  • Gain agreement to the survey items from all regional H.R. Managers as the leadership framework was not universally valued
  • There were variations to the Corporate values  in the various regions
  • Ensuring that the debrief of the reports with the participants was of a high quality as it was to be facilitated internally
  • Training HR Managers in 5 regions  in the implementation of a   successful 360 project


Several interviews were conducted with key stakeholders to determine the most critically important leadership behaviours for the organization. The survey design integrated these findings as well as the leadership framework key capabilities and values. The spadework paid off as the survey was accepted with very few edits made.

The logistics of training the HR managers in the 5 regions were challenging. Full Circle designed a three part training program which would equip the HR Managers with the knowledge and skills required to brief participants and to debrief the reports. A teleconference process was used allowing HR managers from different regions to book in for sessions that suited their time zones.

Once the HR managers were trained the project was piloted and then rolled out across the globe.


The electronic 360 process was implemented very smoothly with participants and raters from all over the world accessing surveys with great ease. The project was evaluated very positively and continues to be used throughout the organisation.