About Full Circle Feedback

We are proudly Australian owned and operated servicing clients both at home and across the globe.  Our team been conducting 360 Degree Feedback, Engagement Surveys, Leadership Development and Training programs for over 15 years and we’ve learnt a lot in that time.  We have taken this knowledge to continually improve our service and product delivery to ensure our clients get the results they need.

Our web based feedback system has been designed and developed by our team and is located at our security monitored datacentre.  Privacy means a lot to us and we ensure that the latest applications are in place to keep our clients information protected.

At Full Circle Feedback we believe that when delivered correctly feedback can produce powerful results.  We implement our 4 step process so that we can deliver our clients expected outcomes for their feedback project or development programs.

Our process and delivery flexibility is a key feature of our company so let us know how we can help meet your needs.

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Our Company

Full Circle Feedback has a wealth of experience conducting feedback projects around the world – 360 degree feedback, employee surveys and organisational surveys. Feedback gives your organisation, leaders and staff focus and direction! Individuals, teams and organisations need feedback to improve performance. Whatever your feedback, survey or leadership development needs, we have the right solution.

Feedback Experts – The help you need for success!

In our experience most organisations need help with the effective and consistent tracking of their performance.

Full Circle Feedback offers a flexible range of quality consulting services in the field of feedback
– Our staff are experts and highly experienced feedback specialists
– We have developed the leading survey process
– We have completed major feedback assignments within all industry sectors
– We are committed to providing the best results for our clients

We offer

– 360 degree feedback processes
– Employee surveys
– Organisational surveys
– Customised survey design
– Leadership development and coaching
– Implementation planning

Full Circle Feedback makes it happen

The ultimate organisational survey tool, Full Circle Feedback is the ideal way to help organisations and individuals achieve the performance standards needed for success. Full Circle Feedback takes the ‘guesswork’ out of planning by helping to identify and action areas that need improvement so your organisation can go where you want it to go.

Full Circle Feedback also has a unique performance tracking facility. Changes and improvement can be measured and monitored over time. This is extremely valuable for ongoing performance management. The focus is on creating lasting change.

Our expert team, combined with our proprietary and easily customised process, will ensure you get the organisational feedback and skills you need for success.

Our Approach

We believe in being experts in our field, having the best process and delivering the best service. Our approach is very flexible and can be easily customised to meet client needs and budgets. Choose our consulting support and Client Service Team or let us help you to manage aspects yourself.

Flexible delivery options

Comprehensive expert support

– Consulting support – planning, design and communication
– Survey design – customised or standard surveys
– Web based process – rapid delivery to anywhere in the world
– Comprehensive and unique reports
– Feedback delivery, coaching and leadership development

Client Service Team – we manage the process for you

– Our expert staff set up the project
– We manage the survey process
– We produce comprehensive reports
– We facilitate feedback delivery schedules

Expert services

360 degree feedback

– Customised or standard 360 degree feedback surveys
– 360 degree feedback (including multi source feedback, 360 degree assessment, 360 degree review and 360 feedback)
– Feedback debrief services

Employee surveys

– Customised or standard employee surveys
– Employee surveys (including Engagement surveys, Employee Attitude Surveys and Employee Opinion Surveys)
– Exit surveys
– Culture surveys

Organisational surveys

– Training Needs Analysis
– Stakeholder surveys
– Program evaluation surveys

Leadership and organisational development

– Leadership development and coaching
– Organisational development and consulting
– Implementation consulting service

Our Expertise

Feedback, surveys and leadership development are our core business. We have a wealth of experience conducting 360 degree feedback and employee survey projects for hundreds of organisations around the world. Whatever your feedback or survey needs we have the right solution.

We specialise in:

– 360 degree feedback
– Employee surveys
– Organisational surveys
– Leadership development and coaching

Feedback expertise and experience

– We are experts in designing and implementing feedback and survey processes
– We work with leading organisations worldwide
– We have a wealth of experience in 360 degree feedback, employee surveys, organisational surveys and leadership development

Flexibility, responsiveness and rapid delivery

– Our process is extremely flexible and easily customised
– We deliver feedback results efficiently and rapidly
– Our responsiveness is second to none

Best process

– We have developed the leading edge feedback and survey process
– Our web process is easy, confidential and fast
– Our process eliminates your administrative workload

Unsurpassed service levels

– Our service is first class. Just ask our clients!
– Our staff are highly experienced and customer focused
– We are dedicated to quality

Unique and comprehensive feedback reports

– We provide a comprehensive range of high quality feedback reports
– Feedback reports are designed to rapidly identify key insights
– Comprehensive resources support the feedback process and reports

Industry Sectors We Service

Full Circle Feedback has conducted 360 degree feedback and employee surveys across every major sector and industry.

We have found that there are considerable differences in the cultures and leadership approaches that are most effective in each sector and industry. This means that the customisation and tailoring of 360 degree feedback and employee surveys is critical to receiving valid, practical and actionable feedback.

In the Public Sector we have served National, State and Local governments and their Departments and enterprises. These include senior management inside the following:

– Offices of the Prime Minister
– Premiers’ Offices
– Government Departments
– Courts
– Local Government

We have serviced the following government departments:

– Health
– Human Services
– Education
– Community Services
– Transport
– Police
– Emergency Services
– Justice
– Planning
– Environment

In the volunteer, non-profit and charity sector our clients come from global, national and locally based organisations. These include Save the Children, the Red Cross, YMCA, Royal Flying Doctor Service, St.Vincents Hospitals and many additional organisations. We also serve a number of Industry Bodies and Professional Associations.

In the private sector, clients come from every major industry. These include:

– Mining and Resources
– Energy
– Professional Services
– Banking
– Investment
– Insurance
– Telecommunications
– Technology
– Agriculture
– Retail
– Manufacturing
– Community Services
– Entertainment
– Hospitality

We have an extensive database consisting of over 250,000 individual feedback reports that provide relevant benchmarks for helping your organisation and your leaders understand how you are positioned and to identify achievable improvements.

In addition, we have a number of industry specific surveys that can be quickly implemented. Building employee engagement is one of the fastest ways of increasing employee performance and organisational productivity. Our Engagement Strategy Reports allow leaders and organisations to quickly determine what initiatives and activities will generate sustainable performance improvement.

Information and Privacy Policy

At Full Circle Feedback (FCF) we know that you care about how the information we collect from you is used and shared. When we collect your personal feedback information you can be assured it is stored securely.

Our team establishes an agreement with each client with how their information will be collected, how individuals are briefed and how the results will be delivered to ensure legal and professional standards are met throughout the project. This is FCF’s information and privacy policy in connection with its 360 degree feedback software and services.

Who are Full Circle Feedback?

We are an Australian company servicing clients across the globe. We provide 360 Degree Feedback, Employee Surveys, Organisational Surveys and Leadership Development services via our online software system. Our software system is stored on our professionally maintained and protected servers that are located at our secure data centre.

How do we use and store information?

We collect data from agreed participants. The participants are invited, via email, to complete an online survey. The information received is stored by unique code on our protected servers located at our secure data centre.

Once the surveys have been completed by the participants our Client Services team will produce reports based on our client’s requirements. At the beginning of the project it is agreed how and where these reports will be delivered.

When the project is complete the information is then archived and can only be assessed by our client’s authority representative.

Participant information collected

From ‘Participants’

We collect your name, your email address, the name of your Manager and your Raters. We may collect other demographic information such as your department, business or geographic area if requested by the client. Information from your self evaluation is also collected.

From ‘Respondents’ (Manager and Raters)

We collect your name, your email address and the ratings you provide for the selected Subject in relation to their competencies, skills, development needs or performance and any free text information provided. Your name is only used to identify who has responded to a request for feedback, not to show the answers you give. Feedback reports show answers by respondent group, e.g. peer, manager, direct report, not by name. We require a minimum number of raters per respondent group to maintain confidentiality of responses.

Personal data protection

Full Circle Feedback (FCF) software systems and report production process are managed by the dedicated and expert Client Services team under direct supervision of the Full Circle Feedback Director. All staff are trained extensively in the FCF security and confidentiality processes. Access to the FCF software systems requires a multiple secure login process and authorisation.

Full Circle Feedback databases and website are stored on servers we own and located at a secure data centre. We maintain strict enterprise data centre security protocols and data protection systems. Interrogation of the FCF database requires both secure access to, and specialised ability to use, the proprietary FCF software.

Full Circle Feedback will not share, distribute or sell any personal information to any third party.

Back up and disaster recovery

Our disaster recovery policy ensures that if disaster strikes they will be able to keep the Full Circle Feedback 360 degree feedback software systems running and rapidly recover data. This service is based around enterprise grade data centre facilities which provides fully redundant power and internet connectivity.

Along with providing the infrastructure, our IT partners assist FCF in maintaining a recovery plan that covers the steps and actions required once a disaster strikes. FCF databases are backed up at 15-minute intervals 24 x 7 and securely replicated at secondary sites.