Case Study – Influence workshop


Full Circle Feedback conducted the world’s first 360-degree feedback project for Judges from 3 different jurisdictions. The 360 -degree feedback project was radical as it involved feedback for the Judges from the legal profession. The Professional education body for the Judicial Officers had contracted Full Circle to implement the 360-degree feedback project. Full Circle Feedback were subsequently invited to design a one day workshop for the Heads of Jurisdictions. The focus of the workshop was upon how to maximise leadership impact and influencing skills when position power is limited.


The project presented a range of challenges including:

  • How to run a  workshop for leaders who had no position power as although they were appointed for life they had to operate as First amongst Equals
  • How to address key and critical people management challenges that all Heads of Jurisdictions were facing
  • How to address the considerable personal pressures the Heads faced such as massive workload and the question of what legacy they wished to leave behind


Full Circle Feedback met with each head prior to the workshop to conduct a structured interview process. The results of the interview process were analysed and used to inform the workshop design. The workshop was highly interactive and focussed heavily on the challenges of managing and motivating clever people, how to manage one’s own energy levels and how to maximise personal influence.


The workshop was so positively evaluated that the Heads have undertaken to continue to work together to share their ongoing insights and ideas.