Leverage for successIn 2012, Full Circle Feedback conducted a survey which examined the current priorities and practices of Australian HR Professionals.  Survey respondents indicated the area of Learning, Development and Career as one of the better performing HR functions across their organisations. Of more significance, the area of Learning, Development and Career was consistently rated as important and generally rated well on the performance scale, and thus can be seen as an opportunity area to be leveraged for even more success.

Survey results

The top insights that were discovered as a result of this survey were found to be:

  • The HR Professionals surveyed agreed that their employees were provided with formal, on-the-job training programs that teach employees the skills they need to fulfil their roles.
  • Generally, respondents confirmed the value of capability frameworks, formal training needs analysis and that their training programs help employees build competence and accelerate development.
  • Most respondents also felt their organisation offered a variety of on-the-job training opportunities accommodating different adult learning styles and online resources.
  • Specific opportunities for improvement concerned Inter-personal Skills and Career Development.
  • Respondents indicated the need to improve strategic career development and succession plans that are supported by a structured, effective process for identifying training needs.

Best Practice research indicates that supporting employee Learning and Development is a lead indicator of organisational success.

The survey results suggested there is good momentum in this area but there is also an opportunity to further enhance the effectiveness of Learning, Development and Career practices across Australian HR Teams. Learning and Development is an area within organisations that is ripe for enhancement and through new skill assessment and acquisition strategies, can take employees to a higher level of performance.

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