In this blog post, we will learn more about the importance of focusing on results as part of the Leadership Tent concept from the book “The Extraordinary Leader” by Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman.

“Focus on results” describes the ability to have an impact on the organisation and get things done. It means being capable of getting things accomplished. Being able to produce sustained, balanced results is a key attribute of a good leader.

Focus on Results

Leaders who focus on results will:

  • Establish stretch goals for their people
  • Personally sponsor an initiative or action
  • Focus on organisation goals and ensure that they are translated into actions by their team or department
  • Champion the cause of the customer
  • Take personal responsibility for the outcomes of the group
  • Provide ongoing feedback and coaching to their people
  • Set targets for the group to achieve
  • Initiate new programs, projects, processes, client relationships, or technologies
  • Operate with speed and intensity and accelerate the pace of the group
  • Balance long-term and short-term goals objectives

Results-focused leaders combine their strong analytical skills with their intense motivation to solve problems and move forward. In addition to the above points, a leader with a strong focus on results will:

  • Pursue all assignments and projects until completion
  • Do everything possible to meet goals or deadlines

Conversely, we see that when leaders fail to put enough focus on results they will commonly:

  • Fail to achieve agreed-upon results within the time allotted
  • Fail to achieve the goals set for the work

Producing results is a key outcome of effective leadership, but this alone does not define a strong leader. As we have discussed in the previous posts, other capabilities (or ‘poles of the tent’) such as Character and Personal Capabilities, are also essential, as well as Interpersonal Skills and Leading Change. We will explore the latter two in upcoming blog posts.