Effective Feedback Training

Get comfortable being uncomfortable

Do you give regular feedback to your team? Or do you avoid it because it makes you feel uncomfortable? For many of us, the thought of having to provide feedback and on a regular basis can have us running for the hills!

Effective feedback training

But giving feedback doesn’t have to be that hard. We need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. And all it takes is a bit of effective feedback training and the right tools.

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions” – Ken Blanchard

Feedback can come in many shapes and sizes, from getting comments on your new haircut to having your work performance appraised on an annual review. True leaders embrace and have learnt how to seek honest feedback from those around them. It is a gift that we can offer each other at any time of the day and in any situation.  As Bill Gates said ‘We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.’

At Full Circle Feedback, our clients have identified the inability to provide effective feedback a major issue with their leaders, managers and human resource professionals. For many, this comes from not understanding the importance of feedback and the power it can have on the performance of their team. For others, it is the inability of not being about to receive feedback on their performance or give feedback to their direct reports. It makes them feel uncomfortable and therefore they avoid it. But with knowledge resources, the right tools and some feedback training they can be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

The Importance of Feedback

First things first, in order to provide effective feedback we need to understand the importance of feedback.

So why is feedback so important?

As leaders, we know that when people have a clear understanding of what is expected of them, if we let them know what they are doing well and identify areas that give them the opportunity to improve their performance, they will be become more engaged in their work.

In order for them to know this, we must provide regular effective feedback. We need to build a culture in the workplace where feedback is not only expected but demanded.

Research suggests that engaged employees tend to give more when they believe their efforts are being appreciated and are clear on the contribution their efforts are making. Conversely, the research strongly supports the view that those who are not feeling valued, are not clear on what direction the business is heading in and how they are contributing. This leads to them becoming disengaged and much less likely to provide any discretionary effort.

Overall, feedback is an essential ingredient for every business to improve their performance.

Effective feedback training can create engaged employees that improves performance