360 Degree Feedback

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What is a 360 degree feedback process?

A 360 degree feedback review is an effective tool, and when used correctly it can have powerful insights for the people participating in them. Also known as multi-rater feedback, multisource feedback, or multi-source assessment tool, a 360 degree feedback review is collecting confidential feedback for the participant from those who work with them, work for them or have interaction with them on a regular basis. These people are known as raters and include their manager, peers, staff (or direct report), stakeholders or customers.

Info graphic of people participating in a 360 degree feedback process

The feedback collected for the participant allows them to gain a holistic view of their performance at work from the viewpoint of all levels of people who interact with them. It helps them to identify their areas of strength and those areas of performance where they have the opportunity to grow and improve.

Implementing and delivering a 360 degree feedback review can appear to be easy, but there are 5 key components that need to be done correctly for the 360 degree feedback process to be a success. If done poorly, the process is not worthwhile and may have a damaging effect on your employee.


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