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What you need to know for successful implementation and delivery.

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What is a 360 degree feedback process?

A 360 degree feedback review is an effective tool, and when used correctly it can have powerful insights for the people participating in them. Also known as multi-rater feedback, multisource feedback, or multi-source assessment tool, a 360 degree feedback review is collecting confidential feedback for the participant from those who work with them, work for them or have interaction with them on a regular basis. These people are known as raters and include their manager, peers, staff (or direct report), stakeholders or customers.

The feedback collected for the participant allows them to gain a holistic view of their performance at work from the viewpoint of all levels of people who interact with them. It helps them to identify their areas of strength and those areas of performance where they have the opportunity to grow and improve.

Implementing and delivering a 360 degree feedback review can appear to be easy, but there are 5 key components that need to be done correctly for the 360 degree feedback process to be a success. If done poorly, the process is not worthwhile and may have a damaging effect on your employee.

Free report: 5 Keys to 360 Degree Feedback Success
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360-degree feedback survey setup – from start to finish

We manage the survey process for you and let you get back to the important things.

Using the right 360-degree feedback survey set is crucial for enabling the participants to improve their performance. By correctly aligning the capabilities to the participant’s level of seniority we will have the opportunity to capture the feedback we require to identify areas for growth and provides the best return on investment.

What type of survey best suits you?

Full Circle Feedback Standard survey
Survey design level:

  • Performance
  • Leadership
  • Executive

This survey range has been developed from our years of experience designing surveys and has been implemented successfully in hundreds of organisations across Australia and the world.

Our standard surveys may be used as a base for customisation.


$297 (GST included)

Discount applies for multiple surveys.

Customised survey
Survey design level:

  • Designed to your set of capabilities
  • Incorporates the organisation HR framework

We can help design a question set to map to the HR capabilities, and structure the survey and question length to help maximise results.

The survey will capture the information your organisation needs to support and develop your employees


We will conduct an obligation free consultation with you to understand your needs and prepare a quotation.

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Our service – Tailored to meet your needs.

Online feedback surveys – anywhere, anytime

Our easy-to-use online 360 degree surveys can be accessed on multiple devices to make it easy for your people to provide their valuable feedback.

Your data is safely secured in our tier 3 data centre and available only to you.

Person holding device showing an online 360 degree feedback survey
Free report: 360 Degree Feedback sample

Professional Feedback Reports

The feedback report is an integral part of the 360 degree feedback process. It needs to be easy to understand with a professional layout.

Our feedback reports are provided in electronic format and have been designed to make it as easy to use as possible. They come with a report interpretation guide as well as recommended next steps list.

Want more out of your reports?

Get the most out of your feedback report with a debrief session

Conducting a 360 degree feedback review allows you to collect vital information, but unless it is reviewed and actioned correctly, it is of no use.

It is essential for the person participating in the 360 process to fully understand and engage with the results they have received and the best way to do this is with a professional facilitator.

On the surface, it might sound easy to help facilitate this process with the participant but providing feedback is a skill set in itself. Debriefing the results of a 360 can have a significant impact on the person you’re assessing, that is why we have our effective feedback training which provides extensive knowledge and tools to ensure your people are prepared.

Our qualified facilitators follow a comprehensive process to ensure that the participant has every opportunity to use their feedback to its full capacity and allow them to grow as a leader.

Before the debrief

  • Schedule a 60 – 90 minute session. The location should be quiet and private. They can participate in the meeting via phone or our LiVE Studio.
  • The participant is informed of the facilitator’s role to ensure they fully understand the process and feel comfortable.
  • The facilitator will review and analyse the data taking note of any themes or trends to discuss with the participant.

During the debrief

The facilitator will cover a comprehensive coaching methodology to help the participant through the two main goals:

  • Understand what the feedback means – provide them clarity on the message the raters are delivering them.
  • Guidance on what to do with the feedback – help them to leverage their strengths and understand the gaps in performance and ways to improve them.

After the debrief

The facilitator will provide the participant with:

  • An overview of the key outcomes from their debrief
  • Resources to help them improve on the areas outlined in the debrief

We suggest that the participant meets with their manager following the debrief session to take them through the feedback, outcomes and agree on their proposed action plan together.

Pricing options to suit your budget and timeframe

We understand that one size does not always fit everyone when it comes to your 360 degree feedback project. That’s why we offer a range of customisable services to suit your individual and organisational requirements.

We are always happy to try and help facilitate your needs including your budget and timeframe. Give our team a call to discuss on 1300 553 351.

Standard ‘off the shelf’ survey options

Includes full service: communication emails (registration, survey and reminder to complete), progress tracking, customer support, electronic feedback report (printed copy optional)

Performance Report
$297 (GST included)

360 Degree Feedback – Performance Survey

Our Performance Survey question set probes areas that may need improvement across a broad range of capabilities.

Leadership Report
$297 (GST included)

360 Degree Feedback – Leadership Survey

This is our most utilised survey question set. It provides a wide range of data identifying areas of strength and areas which individuals can work on to improve their Leadership skills.

Executive Report
$297 (GST included)

360 Degree Feedback -Executive Survey

This is suitable for an executive level employee, usually at CEO/CFO level; maybe reporting to the Board.

Additional options

The following service options can be tailored to suit your needs.
Speak to our team to discuss your requirements.

Service Unit delivery
Survey design Per hour
Engagement/Briefing session

Designed and delivered to ensure all those participating understand the process and expected outcome on both an individual and organisational level. Supporting materials provided

Delivered in 60 or 90 minute sessions.
Conducted face-to-face or via our LiVE Studio
Individual debrief session

Participants received a full debrief of their feedback report with one of our fully qualified facilitators.

Delivered in 60 or 90 minute sessions.
Conducted face-to-face or via our LiVE Studio
Group report Electronic report
Group debrief session

A workshop designed and delivered to facilitate the examination of the aggregated project results with the selected participant’s group. Supporting materials provided.

Delivered in 60, 90 or 120 minute sessions

Conducted face-to-face or via our LiVE Studio

Coaching services

Beneficial for leaders as part of their development plan

Delivered in 60 minute sessions

Conducted face-to-face or via LiVE Studio