Successful leadership throughout an organisation is critical to a business striving for success. 360 degree feedback aids in evaluating the current leadership structure in your business to ensure maximum productivity.

360 degree feedback offers a useful method in analysing and evaluating leadership infrastructure through the use of multiple feedback sessions with managers and employees. 360 degree feedback offers an organisation a greater understanding of the role leadership plays in performance in a management role and identifying strengths and weaknesses to improve.

Through 360 degree feedback organisations are able to identify their successful skills, areas and attributes, as well as ones they need to work on – helping them to become better equipped in today’s society and develop skills that will improve their productivity.

360 degree feedback can not only be used to gain feedback from organisations employees, but also to gain feedback about their employees. This helps an organisation to evaluate the relationship their employees have with their customers, and how they can strive to improve it.

360 degree feedback is important as it enables an organisation to gain a well rounded insight into their company, its strengths and areas for improvement.

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