There are a variety of issues, themes and insights that you will have to deal with as a HR professional. In 2012, Full Circle Feedback conducted a survey in which we examined the current priorities and practices of Australian HR Professionals that enable them to make informed decisions that reflected HR Best Practice and their peers practice.

Top 5 themes and insights of HR


Through research, the top five priorities of HR professionals were found to be:

1.    Feedback, performance management and retention

Receiving feedback is important to employees, it enables them to identify where they are currently succeeding and where they can improve. As a HR professional you need to ensure that the organisation retains employees, manages attrition rates, and provides performance feedback that employee’s desire. This will not only engage employees in their work, but also for them to receive job satisfaction.

2.    Learning, development and career

Learning, development and career refers to the on-the-job training programs offered to employees to teach them the skills that are needed to fulfill their job roles. It is important that HR professionals implement these programs and encourage employees to part take in them.

3.    Human resource strategy

The implementation of a formal, strategic succession plan enables talented employees to progress to new roles. This not only gives employees motivation to improve, but also increases their confidence in completing and achieving success in challenging tasks.

4.    Recruitment, Selection and On Boarding

The process of promoting or hiring employees is an important one to HR professionals. As a HR leader, it is important that you recruit and on board employees with a high potential as they will be a future asset to the organisation.

5.    Employee Relations and Risk Management

Ensure that you demonstrate concern for the employees health and safety, as well as the act of implementation of discrimination related training, systems or processes. As a HR professional, it is your job to ensure that employees’ welfare is looked after and that they feel supported.

These five themes and insights are the ones we found to need to be the priority of HR professionals in the workplace to ensure employee engagement and organisational success. By ensuring that these 5 themes and insights are present throughout your organisation, you are a HR professional demonstrating best practice.

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