360 Degree feedback is one of the top forms of evaluation in the workplace. It enables you to get a ‘full circle’ insight of your business, its strengths, weaknesses and people.

When creating a workplace’s 360 degree feedback survey, businesses can often make errors that prevent them from achieving the best results.

Below are 5 elements that should be included in your surveys to ensure that you get the most out of a 360 Degree Feedback survey.

Researched based

When selecting a 360 degree feedback survey, ensure that you choose a template which is research based. In comparison to one that has been created just from an individual’s thoughts and opinions, a research based survey ensures that you receive the best results as it has been strategically created.

Compare results to a high standard

When you present survey results to an employee that exceed the ‘average’ standard, it lulls them into a false sense of security and gives them the idea that they may not need to seek further learning and growth. However, if you compare their results against a high standard, it will appear as if their work is just ‘average’ and should motivate them to strive for further development.

Measure a leader’s impact on employees

360 Degree feedback enables you to gain insight into your employees and their working relationships. This is important information for your business as a leader’s working relationship with their direct reports is critical to the success of any business.

Encourage strength building

It is important that leaders continue to build on their strengths as the stronger their strengths, the more enjoyable and positive the working experience is!

Make it short

360 degree feedback surveys should only take a maximum of 15 minutes to complete. If you don’t keep the survey short participants will become bored and their answers will not be as valuable to you.

By ensuring you include these five elements in your 360 degree feedback survey, you create a valuable and relevant survey that will provide you with information that will be important to your business and its development.

Full Circle Feedback