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5 Tips for increasing your productivity at work

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Many leaders will agree with the statement “there are not enough hours in the day!” Most of us, not just leaders alone, will experience periods of time where we struggle to manage the pressures of a heavy workload and find ourselves wishing for an extra few hours in the day (or days in the week). [...]

Zenger & Folkman’s Leadership Tent

By |2020-04-22T10:52:15+10:00January 29th, 2015|Leadership development|

In their book “The Extraordinary Leader”, Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman look at research on leadership skills. They demonstrate that not only can leadership be developed, but that essential leadership skills are relatively few in number. They found that very few leaders possess the entire essential skill set, nor do they possess similar patterns of [...]

The importance of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace

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Emotional Intelligence (EI) refers to a person’s ability to accurately identify and understand their own emotional reactions and those of others in a given situation. In particular, it is the ability to perceive, control and evaluate these emotions. The skill of regulating one’s own emotions and the ability to make sound decisions and act effectively [...]

Become an assertive leader

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As a leader, part of your role is to inspire confidence in and commitment from the members of your team. To be able to do this effectively, you need to be able to express your thoughts, opinions, and attitudes in a forthright way. Being able to do so – being assertive - is about achieving [...]

4 ways to make your message an unforgettable one

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As a leader, your communication skills are one of the most important tools you have for creating a productive workplace. But are your messages memorable, or are they being forgotten? Communicating effectively means that your message will be remembered long after it has been sent out into the world. If you are able to communicate [...]