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Full Circle Feedback has a wealth of practical experience and expertise in leadership development. We practice a holistic approach to leadership development, including systems, learning and coaching.

We facilitate tangible improvements in areas such as strategic thinking, problem solving, self-management, assertive and effective communication, leadership styles, and the management team of team dynamics.

Our leadership development expertise includes:

  • Coaching – designed to utilise our wide experience in the challenges faced by organisational leaders across a wide range of industries and responsibilities
  • Program development and delivery – for organisations that aim to establish consistent leadership benchmarks to support ongoing improvement
  • Competency and capabilities – frameworks that enable the identification of core skills that can be leveraged to benefit the organisation, as well as identify areas of development that would both benefit the leader as well as the organisation
  • Performance management – system development that is tailored to your organisation and incorporates your organisation’s goals along with best practice strategies for maximising individual and team performance
  • 360 degree feedback– maximise the benefits and insights provided in this incredibly powerful tool
  • Training needs analysis – assist in the forward formulation and budgeting of training needs in support of both employees and the organisation
  • Leadership assessment and audit – generate a leadership benchmark upon which you can build a future framework for your organisation

For the majority of leaders in business, the skills of leadership do not come naturally. A promotion into a position of authority does not assume abilities to lead.

Focused effort, combined with personalised coaching strategies can develop the skills, knowledge, and ability to leverage the drivers, motivators, experiences of colleagues, customers and stakeholders.

The successful leader has the ability to use self-insight and awareness to maximise relationships and organisational outcomes.

Our expert team, combined with our proprietary and easily customised process, will ensure you get the organisational feedback and skills you need for success.