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A company’s success relies to a large extend on how engaged the employees are. This is because engaged employees are satisfied with their working life. They enjoy their jobs, promote their company and support their colleagues. They contribute to a collaborative and productive workplace.

Therefore, knowing how engaged your employees are is a vital piece of information which can lead to companies creating the workplace they need for continued success.

How can we help?

Full Circle Feedback can measure the engagement of your employees.

How do we do this?

We are skilled at project strategy, survey design, can help with a communication package so your employees know what is happening; and we can provide comprehensive customised reports with your results.  These reports can be used by HR professionals or in-house departments.

Using our web based online survey system; your employees can be confident that their responses are confidential and anonymous and will be reported accurately

After the results have been collated; we can help you decide on the priorities and work with you to implement change. This change can be at a company level; a department level or a team level. Sometimes the smallest of changes can be effective in increasing employee engagement. However, acting on your engagement survey is vital to showing your employees that their opinions have been heard and are valued.

What’s next?

Give Full Circle Feedback a call to discuss your needs. We are flexible, responsive and looking forward to helping you promote a more engaged workforce at your company.