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Full Circle Feedback has helped an extensive range of organisations to implement and carry our successful 360 degree feedback programs. Our highly experienced team specialises in individual and organisational change and deliver flexible, reliable and efficient survey projects.

We can easily customise processes and surveys to meet client needs. We work with our clients to plan, design and conduct 360 degree feedback surveys and deliver results in a way that helps identify clear development areas for individuals and organisations.

You might be wondering – where do we start? When we work with our clients, our first step is to have a discussion about the aims and the purpose of the 360 degree feedback program.

Some common purposes of 360 degree feedback programs might include:

  • Individual development
  • Organisational development
  • Management development
  • Succession planning

In any 360 degree feedback project, we believe that communication is the key to success. Full Circle Feedback is able to develop and implement a detailed communications strategy that reinforces the benefits of feedback together with the aims, policies, key steps and timelines of the project.

Our communication plans help increase engagement and participation levels in the survey process, and to cover the most important questions and concerns that people will commonly have when it comes to feedback:

  • What is the purpose
  • Confidentiality
  • Outcomes of the survey


We believe 360 degree feedback is a powerful tool to improve performance and leadership capacity by setting an agenda of change and accelerating individual development. We understand how it works and how to best deliver projects that meet the objectives of each of our clients.

Our 360 surveys are created from the latest evidence and research-based model and are administered by our Client Services Team to save you the hassle.

We manage the process totally in-line with your requirements.


We assign a consultant to your project to ensure we capture all of your requirements and provide advice on the best practice for delivery.

Your consultant will cover the following:

  • Discuss your key project objectives, target audience and scope
  • Provide advice where required on how to effectively deliver your survey
  • Define your organisation’s key policies
  • Develop a project plan and confirm survey delivery times
  • Design the communication process that will be delivered to your organisation (emails and optional presentation)


Choose whether you would like to customise your own survey or use one of our standard survey packages.

Our survey design process includes:

  • Consult key stakeholders to ensure their delivery expectations are met
  • Agree on your parameters and organisational needs
  • Confirm your reporting requirements and how you would like it delivered
  • Design your survey to ensure it is aligned with your needs (customised or standard survey)
  • Final survey sign off to make sure all of your requirements have been met


Our client services team will take care of everything for you so that you can focus on the important things. They will keep you updated on the progress along the way.

Our client services team will cover the following:

  • Set up your project and survey as confirmed in the planning and survey design
  • Contact the people taking part in the survey with the agreed email communication
  • Ensure that all confidentiality policies are met
  • Follow up those who have not completed the survey prior to the confirmed end date
  • Produce the feedback reports


Delivering feedback effectively can be hard. Our experienced facilitators will help deliver the feedback for individuals and/or groups and identify development options with on-going coaching/consulting support.

Our facilitators will cover the following:

  • Facilitate feedback with individuals or groups
  • Identify key insights
  • Identify development actions
  • Provide on-going coaching/consulting support


A lot of clients come to us wanting to implement 360 degree feedback within their organisation but don’t know where to start. With 20 years industry experience we know how to deliver an effective 360 degree feedback project and will be on hand to expertly assist in the delivery of the program from start to finish.

It is an important part of any 360 process to have a project champion at the organisation who will be able to role model, validate and reinforce the process. Having a strong champion it will help guide you through any rough patches and we can assist with helping you select and educate a champion to gain maximum benefit from the process.



Considering who will take part in the 360 process is something that you’ll need to consider. We break this down into 2 main groups defined as:

Participants – those who are having the 360 review done on them and who will be receiving the feedback

Raters – those who will be providing the feedback on the participants

Deciding which raters to select can be difficult, which is why we are able to provide advice and recommendations on selecting raters who know the participant well enough to be able to provide accurate and meaningful feedback that will help them improve their capabilities.


Confidentiality is, understandably, a huge concern of many of our clients. We need to be able to reassure both the participants and the raters of the confidentiality of the 360 process in order to elicit maximum confidence and participation in the process.

In order to receive the open, honest and constructive feedback that we require, we have privacy policies & security measures in place to ensure both participants and raters are provided with the absolute assurance of the confidentiality of the process.