The Benefits of conflict resolution

Facing up to conflict in the workplace can be hard, but the benefits of resolving the issues is rewarding and enriching for both parties, and the business, in the long run.

When you confront an issue with an employee or work mate the outcome can be positive as it enables you both to see another person’s point of view and to evaluate your role in the working environment.

The fact of the matter is that no one enjoys conflict resolution generally due to three main reasons:

  1. People feel uncomfortable as they feel they can’t manage conflict.
  2. People feel threatened as they may not get the outcome they desire.
  3. People are scared that it will be awkward when they work together in the future.

Although you may not want to resolve the conflict, there are many benefits to conflict resolution.

In today’s workplace, conflict resolution is seen as a priority, however in recent times it has become more difficult.

When working in an open plan office, or when working on projects that require a team, you are interacting with a lot of people – and a lot of people have a lot of different opinions! You must strive to work well together although you may not always see eye-to-eye.

Empowering work environments enable staff to not have to rely on a manager or supervisor to solve their conflicts and make decisions (this often causes more conflict). Rather, an empowering work environment will make coworkers sort issues out for themselves. Not only is this independent conflict resolution empowering, but it also:

  • Makes coworkers open their eyes and minds to different ideas.
  • Enables people to gain alternatives and project paths.
  • Makes people more involved with the project with a sense of commitment to the groups aspirations and goals.

People shouldn’t aim to completely eliminate conflict from the group, that is not possible, but rather aim to learn to manage conflict in the correct manner – by resolving the conflict.

Conflict may seem to be negative, but by confronting the issue you may turn it into a positive interaction due to the benefits that each individual may gain from the outcome and experience thereby making it easier for you next time you face conflict in the workplace.

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