We understand what is required to successfully design, develop and implement organisational surveys. We have a proven methodology to quickly get the comprehensive feedback you need to improve your business or organisation. The Full Circle Feedback software and processes are unique in their ability to rapidly customise and distribute organisational surveys (like stakeholder surveys, training needs analysis, program or project evaluations, systems review surveys or customer surveys) and deliver reports.

Step 1: Plan the organisational survey project

  • Clarify key projective objectives
  • Define target audience and survey scope
  • Define key policies for the survey project
  • Define the most effective distribution and data collection approach
  • Develop the project plan and timelines
  • Design, customise and develop the survey approach
  • Design communications

Step 2: Design the survey

  • Consult stakeholders about key issues and requirements
  • Define reporting, demographic and benchmark requirements
  • Design and validate the survey
  • Develop the survey process
  • Conduct pilot and review survey
  • Obtain survey sign-off

Step 3: Conduct the survey

  • Set up the project and obtain respondent details for survey distribution
  • Brief survey respondents
  • Distribute surveys and provide support
  • Ensure confidentiality policies and project policies are met
  • Follow up surveys to achieve target response rates
  • Monitor distribution approach to ensure a valid and effective response rate

Step 4: Deliver the feedback

  • Generate reports and analyse results
  • Identify key trends and develop Executive Summary
  • Consult regarding the analysis, trends, content and presentation
  • Deliver reports and obtain sign

Step 5: Act on the staff feedback

  • Present reports and survey outcomes to Executives/Management
  • Provide consulting support to develop and implement action plans
  • Publish reports and communicate proposed actions to stakeholders
  • Customise and develop additional reports based on client requests
  • Provide ongoing data access to allow further analysis

Step 6: Evaluate

  • Design evaluation approach
  • Conduct evaluation
  • Prepare and present evaluation report
  • Agree process enhancements