Leaders, made or born?

Some people believe that great leaders are “born not made”.   At Full Circle Feedback we believe that great leaders are developed over time with clear feedback and opportunities to get better as we grow into our leadership roles.

In this article titled ‘The five practices of leading for results’, guest blogger Joan Bragar supports our premise and also believes that great leaders can be developed over time with some very clear behavioural practices.  The five practices discussed are not necessarily distinctive to most people but rather rely on an outlook that can change and develop over time. As the article states, “leading is a continuously evolving process” and requires time, feedback and ongoing self-development.

What I found particularly powerful about this article and the five practices is that they can be embraced by anyone. They are actions that you can apply to your own life in order to achieve results far beyond your existing belief. These actions could then have a contagious effect whereby others inadvertently gain motivation and are encouraged to succeed by spending time around you.