High performing companies always clearly communicate to employees their performance expectations, and their managers promote the person with the best skills and knowledge to become leaders. These leaders have to be fair, talent-focused and excel in clarifying performance procedures, focus on job role training and facilitate employees to work well together.

It is a proven fact that if employees feel satisfied and engaged with the workplace their work has an overall higher rate of productivity and profitability.  There is a direct, positive relationship between sustainable quality performance, employee happiness, client satisfaction and profitability. When employee satisfaction increases, so does customer loyalty and revenue.

Links in the Service Profit ChainPictured above is the Harvard Business School service-profit chain. It shows that improving the internal qualities (such as workplace and job design, recruitment and selection processes and reward and recognition structures) will increase employee satisfaction, and therefore revenue.

The strategies you develop as part of HR will effect employees in regards to their well being, lives and sense of value. It is important that you have a formal HR strategy that offers general support to employees as it is essential to keeping them engaged and satisfied.

You can ensure that you support an environment that promotes employee engagement throughout the work place by:

  • Formal and effective induction processes that clearly define organisational¬† guidelines and performance measurements
  • Reinforce communication between staff and leaders through feedback and performance management measures
  • Support the learning and development needs of employees to ensure an increase of communication and the employees sense of value
  • Ensure that employee benefits, health and safety requirements meet the employees needs

Ensuring maximum employee satisfaction through a carefully planned HR strategy will ensure that your employees feel valued and therefore work to their maximum productivity. As a consequence customer loyalty and revenue will rise.

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