360 degree feedback can be used for many different purposes. However you may find it most valuable to your organisation if you focus the 360 degree feedback on particular goals.  These goals may be ones that have been discussed in leadership and management meetings or established in the year’s Performance Agreement.

The 360 degree feedback questions will differ depending who you are receiving feedback from. You’re not going to have the same feedback questions for customers that you would for employees – so you must tailor questions to each target group to ensure the best results to achieve goals.

The three main target groups you would want to gain feedback from as an organisation would be:

1. Senior management

2. Customers

3. Subordinates/staff

Some examples of questions you may want to ask senior management include:

  • How well certain staff members complete tasks
  • How well employees show understanding of context, culture, and how to work with them
  • How well employees think about their actions and the effects they may have before executing them
  • How well employees communicate

Questions for Clients to be focused on include:

  • The competence of communication between the organisation and the client
  • The extent that a client is informed about organisational changes
  • The quality of the experience they receive

Feedback questions subordinates/staff may be asked during feedback include:

  • The efficiency of communication between staff and organisational leaders
  • The satisfaction of how staff are treated
  • How well staff are involved in organisational changes
  • The level of trust, transparency and openness in the work unit
  • How appreciated they feel

You do not have to ask your senior management, customers and staff these exact questions, these are just to give you a starting point and ideas on what to ask throughout 360 degree feedback sessions.

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