The Worst Case Scenario

In every work place, there are difficult people you have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. These difficult people come in many various forms but they have one thing in common – if you don’t deal with them immediately, the situation will get worse.

Although people often feel intimidated when it comes to facing conflict with people head on, if you don’t confront the difficult person about their actions when it happens, the situation will turn into a worst case scenario. A worst case scenario means that you may be constantly caught in the conflict crossfire at work and that will affect the productivity of you and those around you.

Although the situation is a tough one, complaining about it to coworkers will not help – they will just dismiss you as whiner who can’t sort out their own problems, and possibly even brand you as a ‘difficult’ person.    You want to avoid this as being labeled as a “difficult” person is a hard label to shake and could cause people to think negatively towards you.

By failing to confront the issue, the situation will worsen over time and people will tire of the constant tension in the workplace. More importantly, your boss may tire of you and see you as a ‘high maintenance’ person who he would rather replace with a co-operative professional with a ‘can do’ attitude.

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