Does Coaching Work?

Executive coaching is a one-on-one session between a coach and an manager or executive. At Full Circle we will always offer at least one coaching session after a person has undertaken our 360-degree feedback process. We firmly believe that the best approach is always to debrief the report with an individual to assist them to gain further insights and to commit to action. It is the action part that people find the most difficult and this is where coaching is appropriate. It supports people to make and sustain change. At Full Circle we really understand how difficult it is to make individual change, even at a minor level. It is even more difficult to keep the change in place over time. We also know that feedback processes like 360-degree feedback processes and coaching are the most powerful ways that people learn and change.

In a coaching process the aim is to enhance the on-the-job performance of the manager or executive. At Full Circle we believe the best start is always with diagnostic tools including our 360-degree feedback process. We assist people by exploring their personality traits and corresponding behaviour and job related performance. In this way we can highlight their strengths and focus on improving on their weaknesses. This brings an overall improvement in their performance. We believe that it is very important for people to recognise and acknowledge their strengths as these are the platform for their past, current and most importantly their future success. There is often more pay off in further developing outstanding strengths than worrying too much about mid range competencies. Essentially our end aim is to develop their leadership skills so we focus on the areas that will give the individual and their organisation the best return.

We work with coaching candidates across a broad range of challenges, however the management of stress, time and work overload is one of the most commonly occurring challenges that emerges with our coaching candidates. Coaching really does work but you need to be very discerning as it is a self regulated industry. Contact us to find out more about our professional and experienced coaches.