5 practices to make you a GREAT boss

The brief I received from one of my clients the other day was ‘Help me build a high performing values driven team”.  Not much of a challenge there.

The literature on creating and sustaining a high performing team is almost limitless however as I explained to my client, a few simple behaviours role modelled by the leaders within the organisation can go a long to creating and sustain the high performing team they are seeking.

Our vision at the Human Performance Company is ‘Helping Good people become Great’. This article from the Great Leadership website embodies our own vision and demonstrates the behaviours and attitudes that great leaders need to possess in order to grow high performing teams.  The really effective leaders look to grow their people skills, build mutually beneficial relationships, strive for excellence, hold each other accountable and work together as a team.  These characteristics together with clearly defined values and a clear vision will ensure teams can grow into high performing sustainable teams that deliver the success that the organisation is looking for.

Read the article by S. Chris Edmonds for more information on Five Things GREAT Bosses Do Daily:

  • Inspire Growth
  • Honor Relationships
  • Inspire Excellence
  • Ensure Accountability
  • Spur Teamwork