4 ways to make your message an unforgettable oneAs a leader, your communication skills are one of the most important tools you have for creating a productive workplace. But are your messages memorable, or are they being forgotten?

Communicating effectively means that your message will be remembered long after it has been sent out into the world. If you are able to communicate in a way that is to the point, relevant and interesting to your audience, it can inspire people into action.

An important tool that can be used in order to communicate effectively is known as The 4Cs Model, which stands for Comprehension, Connection, Credibility, and Contagiousness.

Are you applying the 4Cs in your communications?

#1: Comprehension

Does your audience understand the point of your message? Could they explain it back to you? If you keep your messages short, sharp, clear and simple, this should help aid comprehension. If you need to, repeat the message in another way to ensure they understand.

#2: Connection

Does your message have a meaning and significance for your audience? If so, this is more likely to inspire an emotional reaction and a connection between you and your audience. When a connection is made, this will spur new behaviours and actions.

#3: Credible

Does your audience believe in what you’re saying, how you’re saying it, and in you as a source of credibility? This is crucial if you want your message to be an unforgettable one, because you need credibility in order to make a connection with your audience.

#4: Contagious

Do you make your message a ‘catchy’ one? You want your audience to remember your message, and pass it around to others. Something in your message has to be catchy, new, different and so unforgettable that everyone who hears it is moved to share it with others.

Now that you know about the 4Cs, try applying this to to all different forms of communication, including face-to-face, emails, newsletters, blogging and telephone conversations, and see what a difference it makes in making your message a memorable one!