High performing companies always clearly communicate to employees their performance expectations. Communication is crucial between an organisation and their employees as it makes the employees feel as if they are understood and valued. Another way HR teams may try to gain a greater understanding of their employees and their relationship with the organisation is though a 360 degree feedback process.

If you wish to gain insight into your organisation’s best practice indicators, 360 degree feedback may be an efficient tool to do so. When creating your 360 degree feedback survey, useful statements you may wish to feature include:

  • Employee health, safety and well-being is a high priority within our organisation
  • The HR strategy of our organisation is efficiently aligned with our organisation’s goals and vision
  • Our organisation’s HR strategy is clear and structured
  •  There is a sound understanding of why our top performers are successful within our organisation
  • Our people leaders are efficient when it comes to providing performance feedback and managing performance
  • There is a formal, strategic succession plan that enables talented employees to progress to new roles within our organisation
  • The people managers within our organisation consistently fulfill the requirements of our performance management system

The ratings you receive from these statements will enable you to identify your organisation’s best practice indicators. This will also aid in making changes throughout the organisation and its HR strategy accordingly, to accommodate your employee needs.

By satisfying their needs, you enable maximum productivity and engagement in the workplace, and consequently customer loyalty and revenue.

Full Circle Feedback